Hi I am Dilawar Singh from IBM. I noticed some threads listing issues related to XML database management. We have a great product called pureXML, an excellent feature of DB2 9 that provides new data type to store the XML data. Anyone interested in knowing more, or has any questions can without doubt ask me….

I've heard of the new feature of DB2 9 called pureXML. Can u tell me a bit more about PUreXML?

DB2 9 is a hybrid database system. It can have both relational data and native XML data in the same database. DB2 9 introduces an XML data type. The relational data is stored in tabular structures and the XML data is stored in tree structure. The structure enables XML data to be stored in its hierarchical form within columns of a table. Because data is stored in its native form, both types of data can benefit from the performance. On top of both tabular structures and tree structures, there is one hybrid database engine that processes both types of data. There are two different parsers to process SQL and XQuery. A single compiler is used for both languages. DB2 9’s compiler and optimizer can handle both languages. An application can use the combinations of SQL and XQuery to access relational and XML data in the hybrid database. DB2 9 treats XML as a native data type. It has pureXML storage, meaning that XML data is stored in XML form, which is a hierarchical structure.