I need some help regarding Paging on a Gridview.

I have a few dropdownlists and textbox and a gridview. At first load, the gridview will be populated with data from the sql server. And, I did a search and it works for the first page. When I press the second page, it will be populated back to the database data which it should not be.

Is there anyway to retain my search results when I press subsequence page?


try storing it in your context.session.
ive always prefered to just hit the database again for each page.
just grab only enough each query to fill one page.
EDIT: sorry i just realized, that you may not be talking about asp.net oops.
in that case, fill a dataset up with the data you need, and pull data from that

Thanks plazmo,

I have manage to solve it.

I just rebind accordingly in my function.


Hi Plazmo, but i m not able to understand this...
I ahve a gridview and want to retain the data which is checked on the checkbox check button.
I want to retain this check when i goes to next page also...
How can I do it?