Hi Floks,

This is Gautam here...i've recently completed Core Java+Advanced(Desktop tech.)
+ JDBC with oracle & MS Acess...Im going to submit a project work in next 6 months
so i need newer topics for Making useful project either standalone or with DB connectivity

1.One that i've in mind is remote desktop viewing(Future scope will be administration)..
Can u tell me d requirements ?? n how to start with it
2.A SMS gateway + Free SMS messaging service with DataBase auto reply feature to submit replies to queries thru sms.

Right now i've XP sp2, JDK 1.5(standard libraries only) , MS Access, Oracle 8i.
i guess i will b needing a few xtra libs also.

thanks regard

For SMS gateway you need a modem and a sim card to be connected to your PC.

do u have any idea abt the cost & duration in completion of this project ?

do u have any idea abt the cost & duration in completion of this project ?

That would depend completely on how you implement it and your own abilities to do so.

actually i'm not sure abt. the skills required in this task. as i've mentioned im thorough with java core+adv. + oracle 8i. key issue in devloping this project is d sms gateway design & interface, i will b using a cell phone as modem + a sim card..but a desktop software(sms gateway), how do design it ?

where can i get more help abt. it ??? any links or URL's

That is your job as a student to figure out. If you can't manage it then what hope do you have when you are working for an employer? Take some initiative and search it out instead of asking people to tell you how to do it. Since it's your project, you can more effectively search out links than we can.

(Also, make the effort to actually type all of your words when you make a request of others. Abbreviating words such as "about", "you" and "be" just indicates laziness and lack of consideration)