I got an .aspx file. and the Html source behind the site page.
But, to use it I need the .aspx.vb that is hiding.
I looked for it and didn't find it,

can someone advice me what to do???

thanks a lot,

Eran Gazit

Are you using Visual Studio ? if so what version. There could be many reasons you can't find it.

When creating ASP.NET pages it is allowed to have the code in the aspx page instead of a code behind file. It is an option when you create pages whether to have the code in a seperate file or not. In Visual Studio Web Developer Edition the default setting is to *NOT* have a code behind file. (Look for a little checkbox in the dialog when you create a project or add webforms to the project.

In solution explorer one of the tool icons toggles 'View All Files'

In the aspx page in Visual Studio right click in white space and choose 'View Code' from the context menu.