can u help me how to write the programing for this output?

Don't expect an immediate may have to wait a bit more for your query to be addressed. Welcome aboard and hope you'll enjoy it here. Please specify your exact problem and tell us what you want your program to do?

the program will show the output that i attach in thread.
one more, i don't familiar with this site. so pliss help me to enjoy with this site.... tq..

Ok, so the output is to replicate an ATM machine? Well. post what you've got so far, that we can take a look at it....we don't provide you with answers....but we'll help you. Here are a few things:
1. Initiliaze a few variables thatyou'll need.
2. store the correct pin in an a variables and then if/else statements to check if the pin is correct.
3.Allow user input(>>cin) to enter transaction, pin # ect...
4. Have your outputs.
You need to show your source code/effort for us to assist you.

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