Hello there,

Im writing a small VB application that has a lot of IO with Excel. I search through xl sheets and read cells etc.

reading and writing individual cells from/to excel is very slow from VB. In order to WRITE an array to EXCEL I use a syntax that looks like this:

XLWB.Sheets(Sheets).Cells(StartRow, StartCol).Resize(RowsNeeded, ColumnsNeeded).Value = RowHeaders()

where RowHeaders is 2 dimensional defined as String. This works VERY well and VERY fast.

Now I however want to do the opposite: I want to READ a range of cells directly to an array, so I can go through it in memory to make the application faster.

I havent figured out how to do this (if possible at all).

can someone perhaps give me a hint on how to do this and if this is possible? It would make my app a LOT faster :-)

thanks in advance,

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Hi Yello,

works like a charm! Thanks for the link!


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