Hi All.

Does any one know how to add extra files (in my case .png's) to a VB 2005 installation?

This used to be really simple in VB6, you just browsed for the extra stuff you wanted and that was that - not so with 2005. I have found the 'Prerequisits' bit but there's no option to add files of your own. I'm pretty stumped.

Also, how come the installer doesn't ask where you want to install the project TO? When I run it (under Vista Ultimate) it just installs the program - but NOT in Program Files (in fact, I still haven't fouund the install location - but it IS installed, it shows up and runs from the Start menu.).



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Ok, I've solved the problem of adding the additional pngs to the installation process by adding them to an ImageList and calling them from there.

I'm still having a headache with where the installer puts the program though. It seems (under Vista) to automatically install to an obscure folder in my User Profile and not to Program Files as you would expect.

Any ideas?

(I'll try it out on XP later today to see if this makes any difference.)



Update #2

The installer doesn't install to Program Files in XP either - it wants to install the App in the User's profile just like in Vista.

I've looked several times now and there just doesn't seem to be an option in the Publish (Wizard or otherwise) event that specifies a Default location.

Am I missing something or is it just flakey?



Microsoft has seen fit to place it in the following location (on my computer):
"C:\Documents and Settings\wayne spangler.SHED\Local Settings\Apps\2.0\RWNYMT95.9ML\H6513CTM.Z37\hexv..tion_193567cfbc350b05_0001.0000_4213353f3b5ed070/HexView.exe"

Yup, exactly the same problem... Installed to the User Account under a folder that's almost impossible to navigate to! (Try adding your App to Scheduled Tasks and you'll see what I mean.)

I think it may be time to look for third-party VB.Net installers. Any suggestions..?


Are you using vb express or vs studio? If you are using vs studio then use the project Installation. It starts a new project which is installation project.

You could use an outside installer such as INNO and use the .exe you get in the bin folder after building/debugging your app.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

I'm using VB Express, which I suspect is part of the problem. I saw the Project Installation doodad on the MSDN website whilst looking for solutions but it doesn't appear to be included in the Express version of VB.

Rather than spend money on a Third-Party Installer (thanks for the info on INNO Webbsta) I have decided to buy the full version of VS 2005 Pro since I'll get far more (headaches!) out of it.

Thanks to everyone who looked/replied,


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