in pascal, if i wanna classify something into different category and count how many items i have in each category, how would i do that?

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for instance, if i wanna check all years from 2000 to 2050 and show each leap year and how many leap years there are, how would i show how many leap years there are?


OK, that helps.

This is a purely mathematical question. You'll need a function to tell you if a given year is a leap year or not. It so happens that the Delphi VCL has a function that does just that: uses SysUtils; function IsLeapYear( year: word ): boolean; Now think about how you can use that function to check each year for a leap year, and count how many leap years you find.

Hint: get out the construction paper and crayons and do it there first. This helps me all the time because by first solving the problem without the computer I have a better idea of how to tell the computer how to solve the problem.

Once you get some code together, post back here.

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