Can Anyone here could recommend me a "GODD/EXECELLENT" web site for me to learn the MASM assembler coding...with examples and tutorials...

I'm trying to learn to do my assignment.
I don't know what it is...but i want to learn..
please thank you

depends WHAT assembly you want to learn. Last time I used MASM you could assemble quite a few instruction sets. I presume you need to learn the x86 instruction set as its the most widely used by far. a google search for "assembly tutorial" or "x86 assembly tutorial" should get a few pages. Post back if you find any good sites. I remember reading "Adams Assembler tutorial" a few years back by the BlackCat programmers group (i think that was their name....) so that could be a useful search! Good luck :)

thank you

sorry now..i've learnt how to get input and output and file storing
but..i do not know how to use the library and the prototype...
can anyone help me??

which library...... if you KNOW how to input and output to files you wont need any library as the interrupt can be set sufficiently to do anything with a file...

can i there a convertor to change the higher level of programming language to asembler language??
meaning changing c++ to asm

thank you..i can't find it anywhere

as another interesting point, you CAN use standard asm statmements and link the C++ libraries in, calling the functions like normal asm! There also is a specialised win32 library for asm out there somewhere (i have it but i cannot remeber what and where it is!) written by someone called Izecon or some other strange name with Is and Zs in it

yes thats the one, though if you need a windows app a high level language might be easier. then if you grab its compiled assembly......

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