Hi, I'm quite new to the forums. This is my first year in this class so I have lots problems and is beginner. sorry about that. anyway, i am trying to look for help to help me with my next project which i need to due sometime next week.. I am almost at the end of finishing my current project :P

i need a program using 'jGRASP' to-

* ask the user how much data they have
For every number entered print the number and whether it was larger or smaller, and by how much, than the previous number.
Compare the first number to 0. *

I have no clue as to wear to start so if anyone can give me information/pointers to help me start my project, it would be great. I AM ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS so please start from the start and explain what everything is/does. =P

Hope you guys can help, thanks!

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Scanner or BufferedReader and an if statement and while statement. That's as much as you're going to get until you produce something on your own.

so basicallythe in the script im going to be using the if and while statement?

There is no script. It is a program. Have you ever written a program? Judging by your first post you have (unless someone did that one for you), so you should at least know the basic structure of a program. If not, take a look at at any tutorial (and there are millions of them), or at the program you have already done and figure it out.

Of course you are going to use the if and the while, and either a Scanner or a BufferedReader (or some other Reader/Stream).

ok im going to start coding something and will have something up later. thanks

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