int main ()
int R,n,A;
float S;
printf("plz give me the value of N elements:");
printf("plz give me the value of the first term A:");
printf("plz give me the ratio between 2 consecutive elements R:");
printf("the value of the sum of a geometric series Sn=%f",S);

Not reading the error messages from your compiler?

A little more explanation of where you feel you are having a problem will help us to help you.


can you tell the input for which the output is coming wrong?
because when i tried N as 4, A as 1 and R as 2...
output came correct...

and in second line include has wrong spellings...it must be giving errors when compiled...
and one more thing please wrap code in code tags...

in this line it seems the error S=(pow(R,n)-1)*A/(R-1);

allright it worked but the page is disappearing i dont know why and i am righting getchar(0)