I am a new to this site. I have been having trouble at school with my computer science class. Now i have an assignment due this Friday November 11,2007 and I need someone's help.

I am in Intro to Java programming and i use Dr. Java. I am a psychology major and wanted to see how programing worked first hand. It is way harder than i thought. Some people just find it naturally, maybe its because they have been doing it for so long but i look with a blank stare at the screen as i don't know what to do . I ill post the assignment and will post my process as i go.

First I have to make a slide show to display a set of continuous images(images are included). then i have to write a morphStage.

I am also looking in to pay someone as there are site that have programmers who will do stuff ro like .17 a minute lol. I dont know if that will work but i dont think i can do this alone.

the assignment link:

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You have quite obviously not read the posting guidelines.
We're NOT a homework service, neither free nor for pay.

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