Can you tell me how I will add labels to buttons in delphi? When I add labels to button the labels are coming under the button but I want to see the labels on the button just as tag of buttons can you help me about that problem.

Thank you for your help
Regards , Ferhat

A TButton was not designed as a container component, so the IDE won't let you put labels in buttons. Why not just change the button's caption?

If you must, however, see this thread.

Hope this helps.

Im curious to know why a label is needed on a button... Maybe you mean so that once the button is clicked the text changes to something else?

Good information on that thread you offered btw Duoas.

Yeah, I just found it when reading here. I never knew you could do that before.

IMO, there is no reason to put labels on buttons except to get different fonts or font styles on a single button. My $0.02.

Because I want to see the speed button with image and hint on the button together. Image will be on the button and under the image the button's hint like that I mean Thank you for your help...

Ah, I see. You can do that with a TBitBtn.