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i am a new viciter of this site,i want to know how a c++ program will differ form a visual c++ program,in what way it will be different from each ther in oth program,pls give sujessions for it

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>>i am a new viciter of this site
lier -- you already have 31 posts. :)

Visual C++ is a compiler, not a language.

>>in what way it will be different from each ther in oth program
None. VC++ is just the name of a compiler that will compiler normal C++ programs.


C++ is a programming language, as defined by ISO.

VC++ is an implementation of that language, as provided by Microsoft.

G++ is another implementation of C++, as provided by FSF.

If you stick to using features defined by ISO, then your C++ program should compile with any C++ compiler.


20 What is the difference between C++ and Visual C++?
C++ is a programming language. Visual C++ is Microsoft's implementation of it. When people talk about learning Visual C++, it usually has more to do with learning how to use the programming environment, and how to use the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFCs) for Windows rather than any language issues. Visual C++ can and will compile straight C and C++.

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