Hey guys im new here...

i need to make a program that estimates the costs of the following:


Ceiling: xx.x litres @ x.xx per litre 99.99
walls: xx.x litres @ x.xx per litre 999.99
xx rolls of paper @ xx.xx per roll 999.99
woodwork: xx.x litres @ x.xx per litre 99.99

Sub Total 999.99

VAT @ 17.5% 99.99

Final total 999.99

Request the inputs and use them to produce the estimate in the required format(see above).
Assume the following:

- each door occupies 2 square metres and requires 1 litre of paint
- each window occupies 2 square metres but requires only 0.5 litres of paint
- emulsion paint gives a coverage of 8 squre metres per litre
- emulsion paint costs £3.50 per litre
- Gloss paint gives a coverage of 6 square metres per litre
- gloss paint gives £4.00 per litre
- Wall paper rolls are 1m by 10m
- note: walls are either painted or wallpapered, not both
gloss paint is used on woodwork, emulsion everywhere else
paint is covered in 1 coat

repeat process untill there are no more estimates

the main thing im having trouble with is the structure of it.... how would you guys structure said assignment i have declared the following variables:


customername : string;
width : integer;
length : integer;
windows : integer;
doors : integer;
squareM : integer;
ceilingcost : integer;
wallcost : integer;
woodworkcost : integer;
doors2 : integer;
windows2 : integer;
litres : real;
litres2 : real;
litres3 : real;
wallpaper : char;
wallpapaer2 : integer;

any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks.

ok! im stuck...it doesnt seem to be working correctly, this is what i have so far..

program Estimator;


  height, width, length : real;
  Ceiling, walls : real;
  Paint1, Paint2 : real;
  Cust: integer;
  Litres1 : integer;
  Litres2 : integer;
  paperolls : integer;
  doors : integer;
  windows : integer;
  Vat : real;
  Total : real;

begin    (* Main *)
   writeln ('Joe Blakes Painting & Decorating      Tel: 01522 522522');
   writeln <'Enter the Customers name:'>;
   writeln <'Please Enter the dimensions of the room'>;
   writeln<'Enter the height in metres:'>;
   write<'Enter the width in metres:'>;
   write<'Enter the length in metres:'>;
   walls:=<length + width>*2*height;
   paint2:= walls/6;
   writeln<'ceiling needs',paint1:0:1,'litres');
   write<'walls need',paint2:0:1,'litres');


  litres1 := 03.50
  litres2 := 04.00


I almost missed this because your thread is marked 'solved'.

That last thing is so full of errors I don't think you've spent much time reading over your textbook or class notes. It certainly won't compile, and most pascal compilers are pretty explicit about where and what errors you have, and how to go about fixing them.

Try again.

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