plz give me more sample of formula convertion in c++

ex. x=ab3 sqerut of c a <<<<like to convert in C++

plzz give me more exmple....
im a first yr.....I.T student and i want 2 learn more......more power 2 dis site [TEX][/TEX]

not everyone here understands IM words, please explain in detail the type of program you're wanting help with. Additionally, Welcome aboard. If you have specific problems when trying to do a program...please post the source code here along with what you think may be wrong. Also post the errors you get, so we can take a look and help you. We are not in the business of doing your home-work for you! You must TRY/show some effort!!
Read it, and learn how to not sound like a complete script kiddie wannabe loser.

Do you hand your assignments in looking like you wrote them on your phone?

Plus if your ultimate aim is a career in the tech world, then reasonable English is a must. Writing like that would just get you laughed at.

sorry my english is bad...................

bro zandiago.........this is my example of convertion

...... 3 __
x=ab \lc
.......... 2
........ d

ans: x=(a*pow(b,3)+SQRT(c)) / POW (d,2)

bro that my sample.....convert in c++
can you give me more example of this

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