I'm very new to C++ and want to start some beginner programs; but I also want a partner, to learn together. Post here :)


We'll all be your partners. Welcome aboard. If you have specific problems when trying to do a program...please post the source code here along with what you think may be wrong. Also post the errors you get, so we can take a look and help you. I reccommend taking a look at the Rules & FAQ for the daniweb forum. This site/forum provides great tutorials and snippets, that you'll find quite easy to follow along. They'll help to get a basic idea of whats going on. Again welcome aboard and start posting.... read the Read Me threads at the top of this board because they have lots of information and suggestions.

Tell which program u want
for printing a "WELCOME" the program is follows

void main()

First 3 lines, 3 mistakes.

iostream.h is not a standard header. If your C++ compiler doesn't understand #include <iostream> then it's too old.
conio.h is an obsolete header from the days of DOS.
And finally main doesn't return void, it returns int.

All nicely(sic) presented without any code tags at all.

Beware that neither iostream.h nor conio.h are standard and therefore may not be available with all compilers.

Likewise, recommending void main() on this board is even more likely to earn a reprimand than recommending nonstandard headers. main() should return an int, for a number of reasons.

NB: Salem types too fast!