Herbert Schildt in The Complete Reference Java 2 says,"Because it is static, it must access the members of its enclosing class through an object. That is, it cannot refer to members of its enclosing class directly. Because of this restriction, static nested classes are seldom used."

Can we use static nested classes practically? If yes, please demonstrate it with help of an example program.

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get lost. You (or was that someone else) was told this already just a few days ago.

Jishnu was the one who asked a few days ago. This guy is definitely just reposting questions at this point and hopefully on the fast track to a ban.

How dare he?! This does not make sense at all! He is reposting the question I had asked some time back in a separate thread. Does he think the people at DaniWeb are fools ?? He is filling the C and C++ forums also with silly questions. Hopefully he will be banned.

I wonder why this thread is not closed...


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