Hello, i am trying to count from 0 - 7 and storing the values in an array.

I have been trying to do this solidly for 2 weeks :'(

my attempt:

int a[20];
int x;

for ( x=0 ; x<=7 ; x++ ) {

a[1] = x;
cout << x << endl; }


I know that the output from this program is correct, i.e. it displays:

my problem is a[1] will only display the value inside the for loop's {}. I want to use an array element, a[1] outside of the for { } with those values stored in there. Please help!



> a[1] = x;
a[x] = x;

Hello johnnyjohn20.

As salem told you, exchanging a[1] whit 'a[x]' should solve your problems.
In your code you constantly over-wrights position 1 in the array, and leaving all the others untouched. If you try to display a[1] after the loop have finished, it will display '7'.

Thank you for your help, so far i have adjusted the code and can now display the values outside of the { }, using
cout << a[1] << endl;
cout << a[2] << endl; ...etc etc. Is there a way i can display all of the values in the array using one simple command?.

Thanks for your time reading my posts!

Use the same kind of for loop you used to fill the array perhaps?