I am having great success with using an access 97 database & VB6.

what other database options do I have? with access 97 it is a problem to have mutilple users even looking, printing data because this will corrupt some records if more that one person even looks at the same record at the same time.

I would like to use the same code, just change the connection string and have a blank database setup with the required fields.

any ideas?? (cheap ideas???) or another solution



There is no problem with access 97 if mutilple users looking, printing data. That is no way going to create any problem for you. There can be any number of users looking at the same record at the same time.

so far as other databses are concerned ,you can connect to Oracle ,MySql or SQL Server databases also with VB 6.0 by making minor changes to the code.

I setup a test on two computers in my office and when I had two computers just looking at data i had 2 records become corrupted at different times. i was not doing any editing.

That never happens in database. That might be because of improper coding.

is Oracle expensive???

would the free version of Oracle work with VB6?

can i use the free version with multiple users?

does VB6 already have the required .dll & .ocx files to run Oracle, if not, where could I get them??

any information would be helpful.

in regard to Access, if I just want to view records do I open the DB in a different way?? could this be my problem?

you can download the latest version of oracle(ora10g) from http://www.oracle.com(IT'S FREE) but be aware this could be of 2.0 gb in size(the downloadable file itself). just download and begin the installation process, the rest thing will be managed by the oracle installer itself. it will install the data provider which you can use to communicate with any oracle database and its associated tables,views,procedures,triggers etc from your vb6 apps.