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5 Advantages of Using Procedures Within Pascal Programming?

any help here please?

1) Debugging is easier. If the procedure is well written, it will do one and only one thing, making it easier to check

2) Lower maintenance cost. If you have the same code spread along your code, you have to remember where it is located and fix or at least cut and paste it several times

3) You can reuse the code. For example, you may place your procedures in a library and later use it in another program.

4) Greater understanding. Since the procedure is well defined and documented, someone interested won't have to scroll through the whole source in order to find the code he/she wants

5) Easier tuning. Performance usually comes from changing small pieces of code. With procedures these pieces are naturally separated and side-effects from changing variables or code are less likely to happen.

Hope it helps. Any book on software engineering may give these ideas and more.

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