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can someone please help? I am aware that u said u have to attempt the question urself but my teacher is an asshole and doesnt know how to teach very well. and he dropped a big question on us and none of us know how to do it, and the ones that do they got help from their family or somethin.. i got noone to help me so please if someone can.. i dont even know how to start or anything.. he was teaching us somethin totally different! here is the question..


Mr Joe Brachialis, the proprietor of Joe's Gym wants to modernise his filing system. He currently keeps a card index system but he would like to have a computer application to maintain the records of his clients.
The clients are offered two types of membership, quarterly {12 weeks} or annual {52 weeks}.

He would like to remind clients by post about a week before their membership is about to run out.

The system he requires is very simple; he needs to have the ability to enrol new clients, to renew the membership of existing clients, and to generate letters to remind clients whose membership is about to run out. A specimen of the data is stored in the file clients.txt.

Your program should:
define appropriate data types (enumerations and/or structs) to model the data of the application.
read the client data from the data file and store it in a convenient form.
enrol new clients.
renew membership of clients.
perform a search through the data for clients whose membership is about to run out and generate a reminder letter.
save the client data to a data file.

clients.txt contains

5 clients on file
John Smith
15, Beach Drive, Parkington.
52 weeks from
12 05 2007 // date dd mm yyyy

Bridget Jones
265, London Road, Camberley.
12 weeks from
3 11 2007

Barry Biceps
42, Holmes Place, Newington.
12 weeks from
6 10 2007

Paula Okenfold
113, Surrey Quays, East Ham.
52 weeks from
19 12 2006

Jim Sixpack
21, Brighton Pier, Marylebone.
52 weeks from
5 11 2007


thanks whoever has time..

The first thing to do is to forget about the compiler for a while. Use a pencil and paper and try to work some things out. For example :

What information is contained in the file about each client and how might you represent that using data types?

What containers are your familiar with that can expand on demand?

How do you write data to and from file?

With answers to those questions you can start to piece together an approach to the overall problem.