how to open any exe file using java.
i alrerady used the Runtime.getexec() code.
but when i refresh the page the application is opening. my thought is the application should be open after clicking the button in jsp page. if u have any code send me.

You have absolutely no idea what you are doing, do you?

k tell how to open an application using java
i already used onee code i.e.,Runtime.getexec("");
so tell some other codings

If you simply want code, read this: link.
It's old but I've checked for any deprecated functions and it's clear.

If you want an explanation, go look in the Java API. Should you have any more questions after that, you can ask them here.

Good luck, Black Box.

I can guarantee, that what he wants, is to open an app on the client, through code executed on the server. You have been told before, you cannot do this!