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First I apologise if this isn't the right forum...
I have a vbscript that is non-asp. It is run in a program called EFI-Logic that is an ERP. EFI-Logic caonnects to our MSSQL database for normal operation. The problem is that on
some computers I get the following error:

Source: ADBO.Connection
Safety Settings on this computer prohibit accessing a data source on another domain.

I've gone through the security settings in IE and enabled "access database from across domain", added the server to trusted , then local intranet. I even tried mapping the drive first and accessing it that way.

Any other suggestions? Is there a way to use the existing ODBC connection in the script rather than creating a new connection? Or perhaps this is conflicting with the existing connection.

It works on my Win 2000 IE6.028 laptop, but fails on a winXP ie7 and winXP

' Updates the JobLayout table StockMCCDesc with the value in MatlCostCntr.MCCDescription

Sub HandleGridChanges(GridName, ControlName, Operation, Table, Column, NewValue, NumberKeys, KeyColumnValues, CopyKeyColumnValues)
    Dim strConn
    strConn="DSN=Liberty Database; User ID=billo; Password=noldor"
    Dim rs
    Dim MCCDesc
    Dim strJob
    Dim wdt
    Dim lgt
    strJob = Logic_KeyColumns(0)
    Dim objCN
    Set objCN=CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    Dim strSQL
    strSQL = "SELECT MCCDescription FROM MatlCostCntr WHERE MCCN = " & NewValue & ";"
    objCN.Open strConn

        If Operation = "update" and Column = "StockMCCN" Then
        rs= objCN.execute(strSQL)
        MCCDesc= rs("MCCDescription")
        'wdt = rs(Width)
        'lgt = rs(Length)
        Stockf.ValueKeyed("MCCD",3,KeyColumnValues(0),KeyColumnValues(1),KeyColumnValues(2),KeyColumnValues(3),KeyColumnValues(4)) = MCCDesc 
        End If        

End Sub


Bill O'Connell

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