ive been reading up tutorials from this website. but i don really understand how to do this to my program.

ive a filename name passwordFile.
and my program that i wrote using shell script can see online current users.
but ive no idea how to read it into a file.

and i need to encrypt data in passwordFile and track user usage?
wad shall i do to activate.

can someone help?

thank yuu very much!


Hey there,

can't be too specific because I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do or what your code looks like.

If you want to read the program into a file
cat program >file
if you want to read a file into the program
program <file

to encrypt data use either regular passwd, htpasswd or openssl

Tracking user usage would require parsing a usage file or keeping track of live statistics. I can't be any more specific than that with the info you've given.

Best of luck :)

, Mike

ive a filename call passwordFile with the functions of adding users, deleting users,locking the workstation etc all using nano script writing.

within these scripts and the username and password in this passwordFile, i must be able to encrypt data in passwordFile and track user usage.

eg : for tracking users usage. yuu ned to sign in with yr username and password first.

continue to reply me . thank yuu.

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