I'm just curious if anyone out there has ran across a nice ListView control replacement that does LARGE icons? What I'm trying to do is display decent size icons on the left of the control and then on the right side have a text area with title that all could be formatted how I liked (Font, bold, italic).

Right now the listview control does quite small icons but I would like a larger solution with larger area for text.

Thanks to anyone for input

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I just noticed that Firefox has a control that does what I want.. Maybe something is out there.

Basically if you have Firefox go to Tools - Downloads. If you have recent downloads in the list then you will see what I'm getting at, this is a list view type control with larger icons and a text area with interactive links also. Anyone know where this is or how I could use it?


Any help is greatly appreciated..

You have a choice of normal or small.

It's in the properties.

I really doubt that firefox wrote a VB dropin ActiveX control so that VB6 users could use their control.

VB6 is limited to what's available or what you can develop yourself.

You need to set two different image list .One for small icon and the other for large icon .You need to fill the image list first with desired icons, then you can change the icons at run time by little code.

Thanks for the replies.

I'm familiar with the features of the current ListView, I was just throwing out the question to see if anyone has ran across a nice replacement that does larger icons and text areas off the the side of the larger icon. I was giving Firefox's Downloads dialog list as a example, I'm not expecting it to plug n play exactly. Firefox's Downloads dialog is a great example of what I need, the list does progress bars, text areas, and buttons right in the list item. Would be great to find out if someone out there has done something like this since VB6 has been out for quite some time now.

Thanks everyone and any suggestions are still greatly appreciated.

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