Hey guys, I wanted to know how can I code the game ball lines in Yahoo.
It is a game very easy to understand and similar to tic tac toe but I just cant figure out anything as to how to start.
Please help!!
u can mail me on chandanagrawal17@hotmail.com

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You need to begin the effort on your own, which is why I posted the link for other Java game sources from which you can learn. This forum is for help - not handing over code for whatever you request.

Well i have almost finished the code. i still need help figuring out as to how to get the balls from a specific pooint aand check for the specific color..
so that when there are same color balls i can eliminate them!!!

so that when there are same color balls i can eliminate them!!!

Did you really shout that loud while thinking of it to type the post?

Anyway, if you have almost finished the code, post some of it here, so we can first of all see that you really have put an effort into it. And when we see something, we'll be able to help you more with specific questions, For now I can only say that it's going to be something like boolean throwAway = ball.getColor().equals(otherBall.getColor());, but that's not going to help you out one bit because you need context for that one. So post some context code if you want help.

Mind you, I said some code, not the whole thing.

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