I am trying to collect data from a log file. The data will collected into records based on policy number. I have created an object describing the data below:

class fwpolicy:
def __init__(self, policy_id, fr_zone, to_zone, src,dest,serv):
self.policy_id = policy_id
self.fr_zone = fr_zone
self.to_zone = to_zone
self.src = src
self.dest = dest
self.serv = serv

The problem I am having is that some of the data , namely src, dest & serv may have multiple entries per policy.


1. Do I create these data types as lists in the object.
2. how do I add additional record to these dtat types? do i define a function within the fwpolicy class to do this?

For multiple entries you can use lists or tuples. The class as written can add additional records by simply writing code like this external to the class ...

frank = fwpolicy(...your normal record data for Frank here...)
frank.additional_record = 'blah'

It is customary in Python to start a class name with a capital letter.

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