Hello, I am new to java and was looking all over the place for a pop up type warning box coding for java. If someone has any ideas, that would be excellent! Thanks!

It's best you start from the beginning when you want to start with GUI's. GUI building in Java is best done using Swing.
The Java website provides great tutorials which will take you from the basics to where you want pretty quick. However, the do start out with the basics. But you'll need that to understand what is going on. Especially if you're new to Java as a language, and surely if you're new to programming.

Here you can find the Swing tutorial: link.
If you want to understand what's happening, do start at the beginning.

Once you've started and you have questions, feel free to post them here.
Since you're new to this community, also read the FAQ's and rules on posting, you'll be helped a lot better and faster when your post follows the guidlines.

Also, since you're new to Java, read the sticky at the top of this Java forum by sos. It's a great document that will give you insight in all the aspects necessary for programming Java

Black Box

Thank you very much for the help. I did find them in the javadocs later on but again, thanks!