I have an python script send me log files and ip address from my PC-B
Is it posssible to add functins that I can Remote uninstall (distance)my script from my PC-B? if yes how? any idea?

If you can connect to the remote PC with ssh, you can install or uninstall everything you want on the remote PC.

Thanks but I mean programmatically(with python codes) without using ssh and telnet, the PC-B get also a new IP every time Win 10 restart it.

You could send an email that would be read by a python program on PC-B and trigger the deinstallation procedure.

Have you any hint of python code to running in python script in PC-B?

My choice would be to redesign. Use 2 scripts the 1st script checks in with your mothership for an update to the 2nd script. If there is an update, the new script is downloaded, and then called.

To delete script 2 you issue a new script as need be. It can be a do nothing script and later you can make it work again.

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