Hi, I need help if my Pseudocode is correctCreate and load an array with the following 7 values. Then add one more word (of your own choosing) to the array for a total of 8 words. This is a very basic programming class. We use Raptor lol


Create a second array (parallel array). To hold the defintions to these words. You will need to look up the definitions.

  • Be sure to use lowercase, as shown above. This will make the processing easier.

  • Use an external .TXT file to load the words and the definitions into the arrays ( words.txt and definitions.txt).

Ask the user to enter a word

  • Search through this array until you find a match with the word the user entered.

  • Once you find a match, output "Yes, that word is in the dictionary" and output the definition.

  • If you get to the end of the array and do NOT find a match, output "No, that word is not in the dictionary".

  • The program should work with any set of words and definition in the arrays. If I were to change the words and definitions in the arrays, it should still work.. Here is what needs to be done and my code.

my code...

Declare Integer Index = 0
Declare Integer arraySize = 8
Declare String words[arraySize]
Declare String definitions[arraySize]
Declare String wordFile = “words.txt”
Declare String definitionsFile = “definitions.txt”
Declare String inputWord = “”

Prompt “Enter the word you like a definition for”

;   Input inputWord

While (Index <= arraySize -1)AND(inputWord != words[index])


Index ++

End While

IF(inputWord == words[Index]) 
    Output “Yes, that word is in the dictionary”    
    Output definition 
    Output “no, that word is not in the dictionary”

I looked this up at http://pastebin.com/3TGy9Pmi and this looks like the same as your post.

The assignment seems to be fairly open ended. That is, there is more than one correct answer but most important it must be your answer.

yea, just looking to make sure im going in the right direction with this before I turn it in.

The assignment looks to be more than what you gave in your post. 95% of your post is a dump of the assignment. Where's your work and where is your question?

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