Hi, I need help if my Pseudocode is correctCreate and load an array with the following 7 values. Then add one more word (of your own choosing) to the array for a total of 8 words. This is a very basic programming class. We use Raptor lol


Create a second array (parallel array). To hold the defintions to these words. You will need to look up the definitions.

  • Be sure to use lowercase, as shown above. This will make the processing easier.

  • Use an external .TXT file to load the words and the definitions into the arrays ( words.txt and definitions.txt).

Ask the user to enter a word

  • Search through this array until you find a match with the word the user entered.

  • Once you find a match, output "Yes, that word is in the dictionary" and output the definition.

  • If you get to the end of the array and do NOT find a match, output "No, that word is not in the dictionary".

  • The program should work with any set of words and definition in the arrays. If I were to change the words and definitions in the arrays, it should still work.. Here is what needs to be done and my code.

my code...

Declare Integer Index = 0
Declare Integer arraySize = 8
Declare String words[arraySize]
Declare String definitions[arraySize]
Declare String wordFile = “words.txt”
Declare String definitionsFile = “definitions.txt”
Declare String inputWord = “”

Prompt “Enter the word you like a definition for”

;   Input inputWord

While (Index <= arraySize -1)AND(inputWord != words[index])


Index ++

End While

IF(inputWord == words[Index]) 
    Output “Yes, that word is in the dictionary”    
    Output definition 
    Output “no, that word is not in the dictionary”
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yea, just looking to make sure im going in the right direction with this before I turn it in.


The assignment looks to be more than what you gave in your post. 95% of your post is a dump of the assignment. Where's your work and where is your question?

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