Does anyone knows any Lansa Programming?

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What do you want to know?

Just the basics because it is way different from C++, C# and the likes

Of course, they are different. To me, Lansa is a tool, not a language. C++, on the other hand, is a language.

Do you know any about lansa?

Can you teach me how to programe in Lansa?

is it free? I have a documentation but I feel it is complicated

No Naomi. You have to pay.
You are correct. It is little bit complicated

Naomi, I've been around the block on such systems before. It's not free. Some of the webinars might be free but tell what's up here. That is, there's always folk that are trying to find a way to create systems without learning to code. These tend to be pretty expensive so let's say you are exchanging dollars for the dev system and it's apps plus likely a fee for the final system on a quarterly basis, rather than paying a coder or your own dev team.

Aw man... I have done some simple codings tho... But since i am hired to do lansa, I'd like to advance more

commented: Start with the Webinars. +6
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