I would like to ask for help. Our teacher ask us to make these messages move vertically.

"Merry Christmas""and" "Happy new year". 
I just dont know where to start..but my idea is that I will be using the for loop.Would that be possible??

You don't say if you are using a video or text console library or if the output is just ascii text in a terminal / console. Also, I assume this is C or C++. So, please show your code, and then we can help you better. Yes, you can (and probably should) use a for() loop here.

I'm using the visual studio...I'm so sorry..but honestly I have a difficulty of starting it...anyways I'm trying my best to make it work

Just show exactly what you are trying to "make work".

"More vertically" is too vague. Can you provide a sample of what your teacher is asking for?

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