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Hi,i want to use this ClassParser to parse another file(class) in another package , in my code i used ClassParser to parse only existing file (class) in existing package ,,,how can i use it to parse any file and from any package ,if i can't use it ,is there any other way or parse to do this in java.
This is the code that have parser that previously talking about it.

package javaapplication12;
public class  CyclomaticComplexity {
ClassParser parser=new ClassParser(CyclomaticComplexity.class.getResourceAsStream("/javaapplication12/CyclomaticComplexity.class"),"CyclomaticComplexity.class");
 JavaClass javaClass=parser.parse();}

Now,if i want to parse another file (ex. Class filename in package filename )how can do this?
/filename/filename.class ,
but isn't work ,this parser work only on existing class and package .Can anyone help me .I will wait the answers,thanks.