Hello all,

The issue I am having involves a user that uses a CAC to log in to a network. When the account is created, a 10-digit number printed on the CAC is associated with the users account and replaces their User Logon Name in ADUC.

This users number was incorrectly applied to another account, but with thousands of users its practically impossible to search everh one of them one by one.

I am attempting to use Powershell to search by UPN to identify the account that has the number associated incorrectly, but I am only finding syntax that set UPN or search by ADUser. Can anyone offer any assistance? Thanks in advance.

Hi Radio2006, check out this link it shows how to use UPN as an input to query active directory. Hope it helps. :)

I thought I had marked this question as solved. Using the Get-ASUser function in powershell, as cguan 77 suggested in th link, was the trick to find the other user that had the incorrect number assigned to their account. Not sure how they were functionin that way as every number is supposed to be different. Thanks again.