Can someone please help me solve this problem? I've tried 20 different things and have had no such luck. The problem is:

The Fast Freight Shipping Company charges the following rates:
2 pounds or less --- $1.50 per pound
Over 2 pounds but not more than 6 pounds---$3.00 per pound
Over 6 pounds but not more than 10 pounds---$4.00 per pound
Over 10 pounds---$4.75 per pound

Write a program that asks the user to enter the weight of a package and then displays the shipping charges formatted to 2 decimal places after the decimal point.

Any help would be much appreciated as this problem has caused lots of frustration.

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The usual response I give here (and hopefully most others do too) is to say that you need to show us your work.
You say you have tried a few things so show us you best effort. We can hopefully guide from there.

Finally figured it out myself, thanks though.

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