Hi this is my last try before I give up on Forums. I have been asking this question many times, searched the whole Internet and found no answer so far. Can somebody tell me how to insert data in a TablePress table from a form on a webpage(yes like a booking site).
There are thousand of posts how to add a tablepress table to a page which is no big deal but nothing on how to populate the table by inserting data from a form on a webpage.
Thank you very much.

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What rproffitt said. The support form for the plugin is:

An answer by the plugin's author to your same request:

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I do not have a solution for you. Just thoughts.

I started by reading https://tablepress.org/info/ but that only clarified there is no apparent non programmatic way to the solution. So my thought is you would have to create some backend middleware to source the information and reform it to be ready to be used by this plugin. This is more than I'll take on as a question or answer. But it seems to me, this is where some may burn up.

That is, it may not be a simple single step but you have a backend process that gets the request to go get the data and prepare it for TablePress use.

I was not familiar with TablePress until finding out that it is a WordPress plugin. Perhaps there is a WordPress-specific forum out there that might be able to help you? I'm really sorry.

Incidentally, is there a reason you need to be using this plugin?

What cereal said. The author replied and may have wiped out my thought of a backend process to fetch and make the content.

No, sorry, something like this is out of scope for TablePress.
Tables can only be edited on the “Edit” screen in the admin area.

I can't dismiss my idea entirely since I've used the concept of 2 steps versus 1 step for decades to solve problems like this. That is, I'm not there as your programmer to dive deeper.

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