Hi im wondering if someone can guide me where to go im looking for a system where a user can stop another user contacting them via message system on my site ive search ignore user and block user but there is nothing for custom built sites only things like word press or other cms software

if anyone can guide me where to go be much appreicated

ty jan

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What kind of messaging system are we talking about? If it's Skype, Microsoft removed that functionality when they bought the software.


I'm assuming that this is a DIY messaging service you've got set up? If so, set up an Ignore table with the following structure:

Ignore Table

id (user_id doing the ignoring)
ignore_id (user to be ignored)

Have a composite PK on the first two fields which are of course both FKs of your user table PK. This way any message sent from the ignore_id user will be checked against the Ignore table data before being delivered to the messages table. If a record is found in the Ignore table, then inform the user that his/her message has been blocked and halt the messaging process.

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