Hey,now i need to Replace this text "Kelvin.1337" From textbox1.text....By meaning when i write into textbox1.text a word i need to change Kelvin.1337 to the word which i wrote it into textbox1.text

photo link: http://imgur.com/5EOsMob

but i got problem when i write the word it delete all text and appear the word which i wrote it into textbox1.text

i need to keep all words in textbox2 execpt the word which i changed it from textbox1.text

 TextBox2.Text = TextBox1.Text.Replace("Kelvin.1337", TextBox1.Text

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'It should be, Textbox2 = Textbox2
'copy paste this

TextBox2.Text = TextBox2.Text.Replace("Kelvin.1337", TextBox1.Text)
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