I'm trying to plot this function with using this values:

Rh = 9.8    
H0 = 0.063 

def Thickness_H(H0, r, Rh): 
      return float(H0)*np.exp(float(r)/float(Rh))

r = np.linspace(0,1, 10)    
x =Thickness_H(H0, r, Rh)
plt.plot(r, x)

I'm trying to defind r like what i know but this dose not work, I'm getting this error:
only length-1 arrays can be converted to Python scalars.

may you please help me in this point?
Thank you

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Try to remove all the calls to float(). They are not necessary, and numpy uses its own float type.

Okay, what about the plot how can I defined r

I don't understand your question. If you write return H0*np.exp(r/Rh), the code works and draws a curve, which is almost a straight line (I suppose it is because 1/Rh is small).

I want to plot this function

I definded it, then I want to plot it, r is different values ? yes you are right I will get exponential curve?

Yes but when u is close enough to 0, exp(u) is close to 1 + u.

Thank you very much

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