hello every one
i made a Simple sales program by vb with tables sql I have worked and use the following to connect with data

         con.ConnectionString = "Data Source=(LocalDB)\MSSQLLocalDB;AttachDbFilename= C:\Users\hany_\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\hanysql\hanysql\Database5.mdf;Integrated Security=True"

Now, after the completion of the program I want to know what is the way to run the program on more than one computer on the internal network

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While the answer is yes, you might ask a lot more questions such as how and so on. For years folk have been distributing apps and work across computers so there's nothing stopping you but you.

But there's a glaring issue in that 1 line of code. The data source looks "hard coded" to a specific user and database. While it may run on that user account on many machines, why is it that hard coded?

Excuse my brother, I did not understand very well . all i want is how more than one user is working on the same data at the same time like server and client

Which is exactly why I pointed out the issue with that hardcoded path to the database.

Now that you asked or told about more than one user working on the same data my head exploded. I've seen so many Access and many user failures over the years that over a decade ago I dropped Access and started using MySQL for the database and at first VB6 for front ends. Today I use MySQL for the database and server and C# for the frontends.

I suggest you kick up your game many notches and move to SQL ASAP.

As you can see my brother I have already used sql tables and Visual basic and I want to explain how to run the final program on each network internal pcs and the work of several users on the same tables, even a simple explanation
Thank you for your cooperation

A simple explanation.

You set up a "server" to serve up the database. This is best done with a SQL server. MySQL is free, popular and well discussed.

Now that you have your data on that server you write an app that connects to the server (examples are abundant) to display, change add via your front end app. It's only hard the first time round.

--> Again, your line of code with the hardcoded path would only work for one machine and user. To move to multiuser, you have to kick up your system and skill a little.

Thank you for your cooperation again

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