hi, i want to get lyrics and music information from musixmatch api. i've read these two links but i can't understand how to get those things in c#.



please give me an example in c# code. and if u can ( have time ) explain it ( if u don't have time i will learn from that example ). thank u so much.

Cross posting? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38543589/how-to-use-musixmatch-api-in-c-sharp looks to be same question. Folk notice this and may downvoite folk that write "give me the code."
Did you post this as well? http://www.codeproject.com/Questions/1114109/How-to-use-musixmatch-api-in-Csharp

I think the first link gave you a lead in that you won't be using their API in C#. It may confuse you that you may be actually doing this via a RESTFUL app.

So with that out of the way, turn your attention to learning about REST.

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