Write a program that prints a table of Celsius temperatures from 0 to 20 degrees and prints the corresponding temperature in Fahrenheit.

This program MUST use a loop.

The first digit in each temperature must line up with the first digit of the temperatures above it so the output forms neat columns.

You MUST use the Python round function on the Fahrenheit value so only integer values appear in the tables.

Each column must have a label at the top specifying Celsius and Fahrenheit and their must be a line between these column labels and the data that follows.

Write a loop that runs from 0 to 20 and have it print out those values

Get this loop working before doing anything else.

Change the code block of the loop so it prints the Fahrenheit temperate.

Get this loop working before you go on to the next step.

Change the code block so it prints the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit so the temperature so it lines up neatly.

Get this loop working before you go on to the next step.

Print the label for each column and the veritical line before the loop.

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i need help with that as python

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