I'm totally new to c++ programming and I need to solve this problem: in the class 5 pupils got marks for the course informatics on a total of 30 points. these points have to be typed on the keyboard and have to be changed in percent. the average has to be calculated too.

I have to use iterations and I can't use anything other than <iostream>. I tried numerous times to make a decent program but the results are really bad so I'll be useless to show them.

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Sounds like you are lacking the fundamentals of the language. Remember that C++ is an advanced version of the C language, and iterations are generally for() and while() loops with some rational terminator (like when you get to the end of the list). Study the language a bit (there are a lot of good books out there to help you), then post your work here. First expressing the problem in pseudo-code will help understand what you are doing before you actually code it for the computer.

Also, showing code that doesn't work or is poorly designed, is basically the point of asking for help here. Seeing the code allows someone to see exactly where you need corrections.

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