Let say i have purchase 220 Bids for $30.80 , now i am going to place a bid for a product A, With each new bid the price goes up $0.01. is it meaning that i can place 1 to 220 any value during auction or in a deal when bidding for a product OR when placing a bid for a product your bid value should be 14 ?

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I'm going with no. Since the bid can up by 0.01 there's no reason a bid can't be 0.01 or higher amounts during the 220 bids.

I find it interesting you wrote you are buying bids. That sounds kind of scammy. When I bid on something I don't have to pay to bid. Is there something sleazy about this bidding?

Nothing sleazy about that kind of auction. There are plenty of such sites where you buy the bids which you can then use as you see fit. The idea is that you can get an item for a stupid low price. They have been around for years and years. I wouldn't use them, but they are genuine enough operations on the whole.

commented: So a middleman. I guess folk will pay for the bid as well as the product. +12

The way that these things tend to work (although it's always worth reading the rules for the actual site concerned) is that you buy a block of bids, each of which carries a bidding value. The bidding value is not the same as the price paid. In this case the bid value is 0.01 and not the 0.14 you paid for them. So if you were to place all 220 bids, the auction bidding value would be 2.20 in total.

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