Recently I decided to start using something to manage my tasks. At first when I googled few names that I had heard, I was excited hoping that there are too many options to choose from. Unfortunately most of these products seem half baked to me.

My requirements are pretty simple,

  1. Create multiple projects.
  2. Create tasks/subtasks and track time.
  3. Be able to overview completed tasks at a glance and see their time, and to be able to view everyday tasks as a group.
  4. Android app where I can overview the tasks, don't have to be fully featured app but just simple overview of tasks, pending completed or in progress and every day tasks.
  5. 6-12 months trial period for about 3-5 users after that I will be able to pay monthly fees.
  6. Ability to invite client would be a plus.

I tried many of these services like bitrix24, trello, zoho, GoodDay, Clockify, Harvest, Humhub etc. Most of them don't have time tracking, navigation is unnecessarily complex, don't have mobile apps or don't have easy way to manage projects.

So far I found bitrix24 to be best choice to me, it does have what I need but overview of completed tasks and everyday completed tasks is hard. Android app is fully featured but overview of tasks is non-existent. It just lists all tasks if you want to see completed tasks and doesn't have filter to view completed tasks.

While I am writing this question, I registered to MeisterTask which probably has everything covered but I will post my question anyway if there are better options. If you happen to know any service that has easy to use interface and has these simple requirements covered, please let me know. Thanks.

PS. Not sure if I am on correct sub-forum.

While I did have to prodict and manage a few projects over the years, the real deal here is a project manager, both the person and the software. Way back then we would do our project predictions then someone would do the work with Microsoft Project. Today I think folk are looking at freebies most of the time and complain that the software is junk when it gets too hard.

The only time I needed project management software was on long projects with many teams and members. The rest of the time I went old school project binder, with the usual planner and for project billing Excel sheets.

Today I think folk are looking at freebies most of the time and complain that the software is junk when it gets too hard.

Not sure what you are trying to imply, I have mentioned that I am willing to purchase business plan after about 5-6 months. Plus I haven't found single product that covers requirements I mentioned.

Sorry if you felt something was implied. Many projects over the decades. Project tracking is easier today but I continue to see companies try to do without the project owner or manager. Hey, their choice. Reap what you sow.

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