I am working on a java program that will read a text file containing integers separated by '@', in the format @123..90@123..90@ vertically aligned in the file. After reading, it outputs those numbers in a grid format. I want to get this output on a separate AWT window. As I am new to AWT concept in java. I want some help to know as to how I can go about doing this. I am able to get the AWT window with a blank screen, but coudn't figure out how to incorporate the output into the AWT window.

AWT was replaced nearly 20 years ago! You should be using Swing, or JavaFX.
Swing was the direct replacement for AWT, and is very similar.
JavaFX is the newest GUI and is supposed to replace Swing, but it’s very different to work with, so most people are still using Swing.

The official Java tutorials are on Oracle.com. They have very good Swing tutorials and examples, including displaying grids of data in JTable controls.

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