Design a computer software application that reads a data file containing the homework grades for a student. Your
program must calculate the average homework grade for that student and also display the highest and lowest grades
that were read from the data file. Create a pseudocode design for a computer program with the following
Read a data file containing all of the homework grades for a student
Calculate and display the average homework grade
Keep track of and display the lowest grade that was read from the file
Keep track of and display the highest grade that was read from the file
Notes: The input file format will contain all the homework grades for a student. The number of grades in the file could
vary. Your design must work for any number of grades in the file. You will need to use the following variables in your
design (or something similar): CurrentGrade, GradeTotal, AverageGrade, HighestGrade, LowestGrade
Add additional variables if you need them. Do your calculations within a loop and display the results after the loop
Sample data file: 99, 100, 85, 92, 97... (etc)

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Let's start with "No standard for pseudocode syntax exists."

In fact your text after the word "Specifications" is pseudocode. You could take that to a seasoned programmer and they could write the app using that alone.

Since the assignment gave you this, you could embellish on that. Take it sentence and write down the steps (not in code!) it takes to get that done.

Try drawing a simple flow chart. Simple boxes with a two connection points and contain no more than a single sentence expressing a step. Arrows move from one step to the next.

If you have to repeat something, think about what decision would cause you to go back. Draw a diamond with two ways out:

  1. goes back to an earlier box
  2. continues on when you don't need to go back
    Write down a simple statement on the exiting arrows from the diamond indicating why you would follow that path

Once you've drawn the diagram, you can write your pseudo-code by describing the diagram.

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