I'm attemting to learn programming with Python and am currently trying to design an adventure game that sets up rooms
and a player can move between them. I'm having problems working out a lop function that can move the player around the rooms.
The current method has an error code saying 'list index out of range'. I don't want to throw in the towel and will carry on trying to
debug the programme but is there a better way to loop the method and is there a way to show a message if a wrong direction
is chosen. The code is shown below and any help or advice is much appreciatted.


#Adventure rooms - a programme to set up a room move system 
#Set up a room class

class room:
def __init__ (self,description,exits,connecting_rooms):
    self.description = description
    self.exits = exits
    self.connecting_rooms = connecting_rooms
#set up a player class
class player:
def __init__ (self,name,location):
    self.name = name
    self.location = location
# set up two rooms

room1 = room("a coridoor, with exits south",["s","e","n"],["room2"])
room2 = room("the middle of the coridoor, with exits north and east", ["n","e"],["room1","room3"])
room3 = room("an office, with a desk and stuff",["w"],["room2"])

#set up a player

player1 = player("tharg the destroyer",room1)

# set up a look function

def look():
#function that displays room information
message = "you are in " + player1.location.description
print (message)

# set up a move function that changes the room 
def move(room):
if room == "room1":
    player1.location = room1
elif room == "room2":
    player1.location = room2
elif room == "room3":
    player1.location = room3

    print ("You cannot move this way")
# set up a function that takes a direction and moves to the coresponding room
 #check that the currect room has the direction given

def roomChange(direction):     

 #takes a direction, checks it is valid then uses move function to change rooms
 exit_count = len(player1.location.exits)
 print (exit_count)

 for i in range (exit_count) :

     if direction == player1.location.exits[i]:


#test the code

#player goes to south room
#this room change shows the index out of range error message

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Room1 has three exits but only one connecting room, so any attempt to go in the second or third exit will crash for lack of a corresponding connecting room.

commented: Hi, thanks for the reply. I put the extra exits in to test some of the code and forgot to delete it. +0

If you are going to define a class for a player then you should define a changeroom or move method within that class instead of making it an external def.

I also want to mention that you should post code with the correct indentation (especially important for python code).

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