I am stuck on where to go with this assignment for checking if the sliding puzzle is solved right or wrong. I will include the context of the assignment so you can see what needs to be included. If you could just share some code or pseudocode to get me started that would be great or a worked out solution that would be good as well.

The Rules
Each 8-puzzle has tiles labeled 1-8 and one empty space denoted by a 0.
The commands given signify where you should attempt to move the empty space in relation to its current position.
The only moves you are allowed to make are swapping the empty space with an adjacent tile to it.
If asked to make an impossible swap (ie. move the blank tile out of the grid bounds), don't terminate the program, simply ignore that command.
The Assignment
For this assignment, we are asking you to take an 8-puzzle and follow a sequence of movement commands UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT. At the end of the sequence, you should check whether the puzzle has been solved.

As input you will be given some initial board state in the form of a sequence of numbers where 0 corresponds to the "blank" tile. The example below would be the form of the "initial state" example above. After that will be a sequence of commands "UP", "DOWN", "LEFT", and "RIGHT" represented by characters on a single line separated by spaces. (The example command sequence below has no connection to the example graphic)

1 8 2 0 4 3 7 6 5

Your Task
After storing the initial board state, you will perform the commands given (so long as they are allowed, as specified in the rules section). Run through all the commands, then check whether the puzzle is solved correctly.

Your output should be Solution is good! if the puzzle is in solved order as specified above, and Wrong solution! if the puzzle is not in the "goal state" specified above.

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